Futur Oublié

Futur OubliéDirk


Sound Composition (C. Bureau aka Eli—-Marie Laure Endale Ahanda aka Silex)




The Forgotten Future is a space-time continuum that was created when opportunities to be ourselves appeared limited. The duo tells stories made from living words, from pieces of independent experiences.

Stories of individuals, of intimacies, of struggles, of identities and backgrounds. They rise
from inside or from intimacy, from the need to represent oneself and occupy space and time. Texts to “break the silence and the walls that separate us. Because we have things to tell each other. “

Chanted speech tells of both the emergencies and the necessary tenderness, connected to the act of self-construction. Music sketches worlds in which stories expand. Together, we seek a forgotten future to open possibilities.

Eli is a singer, composer, lyricist and arranger, a musician, teacher, presenter and sound technician. She plays cello in jazz bands, for plays and short movies (Les Monstres Mous, Compagnie des Gobe-Lunes, Le Petit Dernier, Eggshell, Sortez Vos Sourires MLV 2008 Tressy Geffroy, Cliché Sensible IMAC 2008 Ariane Burtin). From 2008 to 2013 she was also guitarist-singer with the band June&Lula. (They produced two albums at CH + / Columbia Sony and held more than 200 concerts in France, Belgium and Switzerland). Recently, Eli has been performing slam and playing the electric bass in bands like Futur Oublié (Forgotten Future), Le Laboratoire des Possibles Infinis, Eau’Rageuses et MPDTG. She also conducts writing, composition and arrangement workshops with various audiences and creates children’s shows.

Silex discovered the slam scene in the early 2000s. She has conducted slam workshops and has performed on the open stage for a decade. Those meeting spaces have resulted in various artistic projects, including, most recently, “Laboratoire des Possibles Infinis”, and the slam/bass guitar duo “Futur Oublié.” The “Laboratoire des Possibles Infinis” performed at the Dapper Museum in Paris as part of the event Mahogany March (2015) and in Brussels during the 2015 edition of the Massimadi LGBT Film Festival of Africa and its Diasporas. Silex participated in the slam/theater project ‘l’âme orale de l’histoire,” which included more than a dozen shows in Paris and its environs, in the “Urban Poetry” slam project, and in short films (Fruits étranges: Manoura Films 2007, Afrodiasporic French Identities : Nathalie Etoke).