Marthe Djilo Kamga

MartheDirkMarthe Djilo Kamga is founder and current coordinator of the Massimadi festival, and her professional and person paths have revolved around her interest in questions of vulnerability, identity, and equal opportunity. Her interest in art and cultural production (film, performance, photography, etc.) empowers her to reappropriate images and public
spaces for people in positions of invisibility.

Reoccurring themes in her work are the coexistence of multiple identities and diverse modes of artistic and cultural expression. She does a little of everything and is constantly asking herself if one lifetime will be enough to satisfy all her interests. She calls herself neither a militant nor a researcher (in connection with her work : “When Women Love other Women : A Consideration of Female Homosexuality in Cameroon”). Having benefited from academic training in the sciences, she defines herself as “a thwarted artist in self-analysis”… In other words, therapeutic artistic and cultural expression!

In 2009, her book, « Quand les femmes aiment d’autres femmes : regard sur les homosexualités féminines au Cameroun, published by the collection Cahiers de l’Université des Femmes in Brussels, Belgium. Her other major projects are the one-woman show “Angalia Ni Mimi: therapy of a thwarted artist.” An authobiogray written by herself and the photo documentary Sikiliza, My Body Talks to You. She is also co-executive producer and director of the documentary “Vibrancy of Silence – A Discussion with My Sisters” as part of Frieda Ekotto’s visual research project on Vibrancy of Silence: Archiving Images and Cultural Production of Sub-Saharan African Women.